sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Silk Rail Road: From Astana to Beijing

The Silk Rail Road: From Astana to Beijing is a multimedia photography series illustrating voyagers' life stories along the Silk Road. Its approach to multimedia focuses on the interactive and is available in a variety of mediums. Firstly, the Silk Rail Road photography book is a series of portraits (in a narrative format) accompanied with small life stories evoking a sense of who each person is. On the other hand, our Ebook, is like one you have never seen before. Our aim is to make our audience feel as if they were on the Silk Road. On each Ebook photography page, we are embedding the atmospheric sounds of the Silk Road. If there is a portrait of a voyager, there will be the sounds of his voice included so that you can not only see him, but can also hear him. Lastly, our blog will also feature live updates from the Silk Road including various videos (landscapes and interviews) and sound clips (eg. the sounds of a marketplace).

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